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FlexClip's YouTube ad video maker provides a shortcut for you to make YouTube ad videos online. Just choose a favorite template, add video and photo clips from Flexclip or your computer to combine a complete video. Then add a suitable music file to highlight it. A brilliant YouTube ad video will be finished in minutes!

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Impressive YouTube Ad Video Templates

Legal Aid

Edit this template and make your custom video to introduce your business.

Laundry Service

A video can promote your business and service better and attract more customers.

Luxury Hotel Introduction

This is a video template that introduces the luxury hotel that you may desire.

Lose Weight

This video template introduces the ways that can help you lose weight.

Insurance Business

Create an effective video and help people know and get insurance.

Instrument Sale

Add some instrument pictures and make a stunning video to introduce your shop.

Kids Collection

Create a stunning video to promote your business now!

Interior Design

Make a stunning video for your company and help people know your business.

Pet Adoption

Introduce animals and pets that need to be adopted using a stunning video.

Nanny Service

Introduce your business using a professional video and displays your great nanny service.

Plant Sale

Create a video about the plants that you provide and boost your sales using an attractive video.

Pet Dressing

Edit this video template to introduce your business and attract more customers.

Make Exercise a Habit

A professional and stirring video will attract more clients to your gym.

Majestic Mountains

Use a video to display the most beautiful mountain scenes in the world and attracts audiences to have a trip.

Music Dance

Promote your dance studio with a graceful dance video.

Mattress Sale

Make a promo video to promote your mattress and attract more clients.

Costume Design Portfolio

Show your fantastic costume designs and attract more customers with a video.

Cooking Class

Want more people to come to your cooking class? Then create a cooking class promo video now!

Driving School

Creating a video can be the best way to promote your driving school.

Dessert Sale

A dessert sale video can work well to promote your dessert shop and attract more customers.

Black Friday Deals

Offer a big sale on Black Friday? Announce it to everyone via a video now.

Best Christmas Deals

Tell everyone that you have a sales campaign on Christmas items via a video.

Car Insurance

Want to stand out in the car insurance field? Try a video to boost your business now!

Camera Sale

A short video is the best way to announce your big sales on camera & accessories.

Glasses Sale

Promote your glass shop and boost your sales via a stunning video.

Game Sale

Announce your big sale on game equipment with a video and attract more buyers now.

House for Sale

This video shows the happy life of a family and shows their beautiful house for sale.

Gym Ad

Want to promote the gym or fitness room? A video is the most effective way to go.

Food Delivery

Promote your food delivery services and boost your orders via an elaborate video.

Flower Promo

A video is the best way to promote your flower shop and attract more customers.

Furniture Sale

Promote your special offer on the furniture and attract more buyers via a video.

Fruit Sale

Tell anyone that you offer a big sale on fruit via a video and attract more buyers.

Wedding Dress Designer

This video shows your artwork and attracts more bride-to-be to visit your wedding dress shop.

Video Marketing Infographic

Customize the template and make a video to introduce your product in minutes.

What Is Flexclip

Use this template to make your own video online with ease!

Weekly Sale

This video shows the promotion information of a supermarket.

Travel Tips

List the tips that a tourist needs to know when she or he arrives at a new place using a simple video.

Travel Guide Service

Create a video to introduce your guide service business.

Valentine Travel

It's a good idea to create a video about the happy time of your valentine's day.

Unforgetable Holiday

Record your amazing travel moment with a brilliant video.

Yoga Center

Introduce your yoga center with a professional video.

Workout Video

Make a video about the workout and attract more people to join in.

Yoga Practice

Customize this template and add your ideas to make a stunning video about yoga.

Yoga Class

Make a professional video about your yoga class using the video template.

Wild Animal Protection

Make a video about the animals and call people to protect wild animals.

Why Travel

Introduce the benefits of travel and attract more clients to your travel agency.

Womens Day Sale

Promote your business with an amazing video on this special day!

Womens Day

Create a stunning video to celebrate international women's day!

Restaurant Video

Make a superb video to promote your business and attract more clients on this special day.

Real Estate Infographic

It is better to use a real estate agent to sell your house.

Skin Care

A slap-up beauty salon will be widely known with a professional video.

Revenue Infographic

Re-edit this professional template video and make a great revenue ad in a breeze!

Product Giveaway

Boost your sales on this holiday with an attractive promo video.

Plastic Pollution

Make public service advertising and call people to refuse plastic products.

Puppy Day

Make a video to record a happy day of your puppy.

Project Manager

Work with this template to edit a unique video to introduce and promote your product.

The Thinker

Use the template to edit a video about the thinkers.

Theme Party Ideas

Make a stunning video about your amazing theme party, and record the happy moment.

Travel Agency Promo

Make a promo video to display the beautiful scenery and attract more tourists for your travel agency.

Tiger Facts

Create a video about the tiger and help kids to know it well.

Spa Treatment

Make a professional video to promote your business using this customizable video template.

Skincare Suit Unboxing

Introduce and promote your product with a unique video.

Summer Story

Make a video to record the happy moments of your summer vacation party.

Summer Moments

Record your beautiful summer vacation with a custom video.

Bookstore Promo

Making a video is the best way to promote your bookstore effectively.

Birthday Sales

Tell everyone that you have a sales campaign on birthday items via a promotional video.

Car Dealer

Create a car dealer video to help you get more orders than competitors.

Cafe Ad

A sweet coffee shop opening video tells everyone that your business starts.

Thanksgiving Promotion

Put your products on this Halloween promo video template to get the word out

Halloween Promotion

Getting the message of the offer out with a video is the best way to market to Halloween shoppers.

Bakery Opening

A mouthwatering video is vital to attract new customers to your bakery.

Valentines Day Promotion

Making a Valentine's Day video is one of the best ways to reach customers and boost sales.

Craft Classes

Create a crafty class promo video to attracts more students now.

Clearance Sale

Spread out your clearance on the fashion collection with a video ad.

Daycare Center

Tell all parents that your daycare center is reliable via an elaborately made video.

Cyber Monday Sale

Promote your Cyber Monday sales campaign effectively via a video.

Christmas Decoration Sale

Make a Christmas promotion video to help you target more customers.

Car Wash

Use this video to see how it works to help boost your car wash business.

Cleaning Services

The most effective way to market your cleaning service is via short ads.

Christmas Promo for Gifts

This Christmas gift promo video can help you attract more customers to buy a sweet gift.

Christmas Giftstore Promotion

Boost your sales this holiday with a Christmas promotional video.

Home Decoration Sale

Promote your special offer and showcase home decoration items with a video.

Real Estate Agency Introduction

Showcasing your real estate agency with a video is a great way to advertise your business.

Coffee Shop Ad

Introducing your coffee shop with a video to show your service.

Black Friday Sale

If you want to offer a big sale for Black Friday, this video is what you need.

Mothers Day Promotion

Offer a special Mother's Day promo for the beauty shop to carry your marketing plan a step forward.

Back to School Promotion

A back to school sale video can work well to promote your school supplies.

Household Spring Sale

This video template gets your needs covered if you want to run a spring seasonal sale.

Property Advisor

An introduction video is more effective in marketing your real estate consulting services.

Modern Property Listing

Creating a real estate video can make your listings stand out from the crowd.

Villa Listing

A real estate listing video is a must if you want to promote your property.

Real Estate Tips

The video lists some practical tips for first-time home buyers.

Amazing Beaches

List the most amazing beaches in the world to encourages audiences to start a beach trip.

Spa Hotel Introduction

An introduction video can be a powerful marketing tool for your spa hotel.

Travel Agency Introduction

Travel agency knows that creating a video is a great way to market their business.

Fitness Center Advertisement

Making a fitness video is the most engaging way to introduce your services and get new members.

Technology Company

A company video can help win customers' trust and build brand awareness.

Stationery Mid Year Sale

Promote your mid-year sale with a video to sell more stationery supplies.

Thrift Shop

Promote your thrift shop and boost your sales via an elaborate video.

Thanksgiving Sale

Make a video with this template to boost sales on Thanksgiving.

Restaurant Advertisement

An advertising video with palatable dishes will attract more customers to your restaurant.

Product Launch Presentation

The best way to explain and display your new product is via a video.

Social Media Strategy

Let everyone know that you offer excellent social media strategies with an excellent promo video.

Small Business Management

To promote your business management service, a video is the best way to go.

Back to School Sale

The most effective way to promote your school supplies is via a short back to school sale video.

Babysitter Ad

The most effective way to market your babysitting service is via short ads.

Beauty Products

Attract more girls to your shop with a stunning short beauty ad.

Barbershop Advertising

Introduce your barbershop with a video and show the customers your best service.

Wedding Dress Sale

Attract more girls to your shop with a video and let your wedding dress shine on their weddings.

Valentines Day Ad

Tell anyone that you offer nice gifts for this romantic Valentine's Day.

App Video

Show some details of the app via a video to attract more customers now.

Wedding Event Planner

To let more couples know that you can plan the best wedding for them via an introduction video.

Golf Lesson

Creating a video for your golf lesson to attract more people is much more effective than you think.

Fragrance Collection

Market your perfume collection and boost sales with a video right now.

Hair Salon

Make a video to show your style people will love and get more orders.

Grocery Store

Show the advantages of your grocery store and attract more people to go shopping.

Engagement Ring Ad

Promoting your engagement ring collection via a video is more effective than other ways.

Easter Sale

Make an easter promo video to get more customers to boost sales.

Financial Company

A video is the best way to promote your financial service. Edit this video and let it be the leap of your company.

Fathers Day Gifts

Attract more people to your store to buy a gift for the father via a Father's Day promo video.

New Arrival Sale

Attract more customers to your shop with a video for the new arrivals.

Modern House

Show off some details of the modern housing allocation via a video to attract more buyers.

New Year Sale

Wrap up your new year deals of the winter clothes with a video right now.

New Year Flash Sale

Seize the chance of new year to have a new year flash sale and promote it with a video.

Happy Hour

Win more customers for your bar or pub by shooting a happy hour video.

Halloween Offer

Have Halloween items for sale? Announce it to everyone by posting a promo video online.

Mothers Day Discount

Tell all that you have amazing deals for Mother's Day via a video.

Landscaping Service

Creating a video can be the best way to promote your landscaping service.

Why You Need to Make a YouTube Ad Video

Boost Sales

A compelling video can absolutely influence buying behavior, leading directly to sales.

Increase Traffic

Nothing can compare to the power of video content when it comes to driving traffic to your site.

Encourage Social Shares

Videos on social media platforms generate more likes and shares than images and text combined.

How to Make a YouTube Ad Video in 3 Steps

1. Add Media

Add videos or photos from computer or stock libraries to the storyboard.

2. Customize

Add text, music, and voiceover to customize your YouTube ad video.

3. Export

Download your YouTube ad video in various ratios and definitions or share it online with the world.

Create a YouTube Ad Video for Free in Minutes

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