FlexClip Getting Started Tutorial

1. Getting Started

Open https://www.flexclip.com in your browser and log in with your account. On the Home page, click the Create a Video button on the top left corner and you can choose to start with a Storyboard Mode.

storyboard mode

2. Add Media Files

On the editing page, you can upload local files (from computer or phone), select from Stock Media or Record Screen/Webcam.

2.1 Upload from computer

Click Media > Local Files, then you can upload images, videos, and music files from your computer.

2.2 Upload from phone

On the Media part, click the phone icon on the top right corner, then scan the QR code using your phone’s camera to upload files.

2.3 Select from Stock Media

Click the Photo or Video button on the sidebar and you can choose resources from our media library.

2.4 Recording

Click the Recording button on the Media part, then you can choose to record the screen or webcam.

All uploaded files will appear in the Media part. You can click or drag & drop to add them to the storyboard or add them as PiPs (picture in picture).

add media files

3. Storyboard

3.1 Add New Storyboard

Click the + button beside the storyboard and you can easily add a new storyboard.

add storyboard

3.2 Edit Storyboard

Press and hold the voiceover button at the lower right corner of the canvas to begin recording your voiceover.

Click the play button at the bottom of the canvas to preview the storyboard.

edit storyboard

4. Edit Video

4.1 Trim

Click the trim button and the video trimmer is opened where you can trim your video by adjusting the yellow trimming sliders on the video track.

The video track shows a thumbnail of your video and allows you to have an overall preview.

Drag either one or both sliders on each end of the video track to decide your video’s length. Then drag and move the icon on the top of the video track to select the start and end point of your video.

trim video

4.2 Split

Click the split button, and you can split the video into two clips.

Drag the small scissor to a suitable position and click the Split Video button.

split video

4.3 Other Edits

If you want to make more edits to your video, you can find options on the top of the canvas, such as Zoom, Transform, Filter, Adjust, Speed, etc.

filter adjust speed

4.4 Edit Video Layer

If you have a video PiP on the storyboard, you may need to edit it to fit the project well. There are many useful features for you (the same as picture PiP), such as Flip, Crop, Replace, etc.

edit video layer

5. Edit photo

5.1 Edit

Similar to the video storyboard, you can modify the photo’s size, rotation, filter, adjust, and animation. You can also change the duration of the photo by clicking the button on the bottom right corner.

Select a suitable animation for your photo and make it play smoothly.

edit photo

5.2 Remove Background

You can find a Remove Background button on the top of the canvas. Click it and the image cutout window will pop up and show you the result. With the Erase and Restore options, you can adjust the image cutout to meet your needs.

Once it is finished, click the Download button to save it on your computer, and then you can apply it to your storyboard (if you close the window without downloading, the image cutout will be lost).

remove background

6. Background

Find cool background video templates on the left side of the canvas, and use them to decorate your video project.

add background

7. Text

Choose from a collection of handpicked text samples to touch up your video.

7.1 Add Text

Click the Text tab on the sidebar, and you will see a lot of pre-built text themes: Simple Text, Dynamic Text, Modern Titles, Social Media, Lower Thirds, etc. Select and add the one that fits your needs.

add text

7.2 Edit Text

Double click the text box to type your own words. Drag the corners or click the Size button can change its size quickly, and you can move it to any place of the canvas.

To further customize your text, click on any text box and open the text editing panel on the top of the canvas, where you can change the font, color, format, size, background, style, motion, etc. Besides, you can upload your own fronts if you have subscribed to one of the plans.

edit text

7.3 Text Style

Click the Style button, and you will find many premade text styles on the left side. Select a favorite style, and make some micro-adjustments by dragging the slider. Then, you will get a unique text in minutes!

text style

7.4 Text Motion

You can choose some cool In & Out motions for your text (except dynamic texts). Click the Motion button, and you will find many options on the left side of the canvas.

Click one of the options, and you can preview the effect. Feel free to select a suitable effect and make your text match your video perfectly!

text motion


To make your video to the next level, please feel free to select and add a suitable overlay or logo to your video.

Click the Overlays button on the sidebar, and you can find various premade overlay and logo samples. You can change the color and type of needed texts at will.

overlay logo

9. Element

9.1 Ordinary Elements

You can choose from millions of elements and add them to highlight your video.

Type a keyword, and you can find out many relevant elements, including arrows, bubbles, shapes, emojis, etc.

The elements with a lightning icon have cool animations.

For the elements without a lightning icon, you can click the Motion button on the top of the screen to add suitable animations.

ordinary element

9.2 Mask & Frame

Choose one mask/frame and add it to the canvas, drag and drop a picture or video to the mask/frame, and then it will turn into the same shape.

mask frame

10. Transition

10.1 Add Transition

Click the Transition icon between two segments, and then you can choose from various transition effects to level up your video, such as Cross Dissolve, Fade, Zoom, Presentation, Stylize, etc.

add transition

10.2 Edit Transition

After adding a transition effect, you can adjust the duration as well as the category/color of the Overlays transition.

edit transition

11. Music

11.1 Add Music

Add your favorite background music to decorate your video.

Click the Music icon on the left sidebar and you can search for an extensive collection of audio files from the media library or click the Your Music button to upload local music files from your computer.

add music

11.2 Edit Music

Click the Play music button to preview the music.

Drag the Volume slider or type a number to make the music louder or quieter.

To play the music repeatedly, turn on the Loop Playback option.

Click the scissor icon to trim, and adjust the music duration by dragging sliders on each end of the music track to fit your video length.

Move the slider of the Fade In & Fade Out option to make your music match the video better.

edit music

12. Branding

Click the Branding button and you can choose to add a text watermark or image watermark to announce the copyright of your video.

12.1 Text Branding

Type your name/brand name and make a watermark to announce the copyright. You can freely change the color, position, font, size, and opacity of the text.

text branding

12.2 Image Branding

Upload a JPG or PNG image from your computer. Then change the position, size, and opacity to meet your needs.


13. Ratio

Click the More button, and you can select a suitable ratio for different platforms, including 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 21:9, and 4:5. Every option will show you the platforms it is suitable for.


14. Preview & Export

14.1 Preview

When you are done creating your video, you can click the Preview button on the top of the screen to preview it in real-time. If you want to make additional changes, close the preview window, and you’ll go back to fine-tune it.

14.2 Export

After finishing your video, you can click to save your video online or export it directly.

Click the Export button, and you can choose to download a video or GIF.

If you want to download a video, you can choose quality from 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Staying on the export page can download the video faster.

If you choose to download a GIF, you can click the GIF button and choose/customize a suitable size to download.


15. Advanced Features

15.1 Redo & Undo

Click the undo button on the top left corner of canvas or directly press Ctrl - Z to undo the last action you did.

Click the redo button on the top left corner of canvas or directly press Ctrl - Y to redo the last action quickly.

Tips: Replace Ctrl with Command on Mac.

15.2 Full Screen

To better check or customize your video, you can click the full-screen button icon next to the Redo button to change to the full-screen mode. Click the button again or press the Esc key, and you can get back to the original screen.

15.3 Align Object

FlexClip adds several auxiliary lines to help you align elements and texts. Besides, you can press the direction keys for micro adjustment.

align elements

15.4 Cloud Storage

You can find the Cloud Storage button on the top right corner by opening the Media part. It is available to all premium accounts. You can upload your video, music, and pictures files to FlexClip and save them online in case of data loss. And you don't have to relink files once you change the device.

cloud storage

You can find the Cloud Storage as well as the My Fonts and Favorites entrance on your profile page.

profile page

15.5 Favorite Templates

Hover your cursor to the template’s thumbnail, click the heart-shaped icon on the top right corner, and then you can mark it as your Favorites. You can find your favorite templates on your home page.


15.6 Rearrange

You can easily drag to rearrange the storyboard list.