FlexClip Getting Started Tutorial

1. Getting Started

Open https://www.flexclip.com in your browser.

On the front page, you can click the Create a Video button to enter the editing page directly. You can also choose a template first by clicking the Create by Templates button.

On the template page, easily click the Create a Video button or click the Customize button of a template to start video editing.

template page

2. Choose Templates

To make a video easier, you can select a template on the template page first. The template can be changed on the editing page freely. Entering keywords in the search box can help you find your desired template.

choose template

3. Add Media Files

3.1 Local Files

To use your own files, click Media on the sidebar and click the Upload Files button to choose video clips, images, and music files from your computer.

Click the three dots icon and you can choose to upload files from your computer, phone, Google Drive, Google Photos, One Drive, and Dropbox.

Here, clicking the My Recording button can choose to record your voiceover or record the screen/webcam.


3.2 Stock Media

Click Video/Photo on the sidebar, enter keywords, and you can find the footage/images you need. You can add them to the timeline by clicking or dragging.

video photo

The Photo library provides tons of GIFs as well. Enter keywords and you can easily find the resources you need.


All uploaded/added files will appear in Media. You can click the Add as Scene button on the lower right of the thumbnail to add it or drag & drop files to the canvas or timeline directly.

BTW, you can check all added files here by categories of videos, photos, and audio.

add from media

4. Timeline Zooming

On the timeline part, find useful options to edit elements in detail.

Moving the Zoom slider can adjust the timeline’s length to get a better view, and so does the Fit To Screen button.

timeline zooming

5. Scene

5.1 Add Scene

The Timeline mode lets you combine many scenes into a complete video project.

To add a new blank scene, you just need to click the Add Scene button or "+" icon at the end of the track. You can easily delete the scene by clicking the trash icon.

add scene

5.2 Edit Scene

On the timeline, you can find other useful editing options, such as Timeline, Add Scene, Split, Trim, Duplicate, Delete, etc.

edit timeline

Click the Split button to cut a scene into two parts.

Dragging the playhead can locate the position to start the preview.

Besides, you can drag the edge of a scene to lengthen or shorten its time.

The Timeline button will bring you into another window, which offers you a timeline mode in detail and allows you to edit multiple layers/elements freely.

timeline screen

5.3 Edit Canvas

On the canvas, you can:

Click the Play button to preview the current scene;

Click the Full Screen Preview button to preview the video project with a full screen.

edit canvas

6. Edit Video

Click the video scene in the timeline, and edit it on the canvas. Here are various useful features, such as Volume, Zoom, Transform, Filter, Adjust, Speed, etc.

edit video

6.1 Transform

Click the Transform button to flip or rotate the video clip. Unusual angles may get a unique result.


6.2 Filter

It doesn’t matter if your original video is not cool enough. Various filter effects are ready to help you.

Click the Filter option and find various effects on the left side. Select a suitable style to decorate your video. You can adjust the effect value freely.

add filter

6.3 Adjust

If your video has any light problems, the Adjust feature (color grading) can help you. Click the Adjust button on the toolbar, then adjust the values on the left side to edit your video.


6.4 Speed

The Speed feature allows you to make your video in slow-motion or fast motion from 0.2x to 8x, which can make make your video much more unique and attractive. Besides, you can choose to customize the normal speed or curve speed to apply different speeds in a video clip.


7. Edit Photo

On the photo scene, you can select tools like Background Color, Zoom, Transform, Filter, Adjust, Remove Background, and Animation to edit your photo properly.

edit photo

7.1 Background Color

The Background Color option will only appear when your photo doesn’t fill the screen. In this case, you can choose a color to decorate the picture.

background color

7.2 Animation

Click the Animation button and you can choose a favorite motion for your picture to make it more vivid.

photo animation

7.3 Remove Background

If you are not satisfied with the background of your image or just want to change to a better one, do not hesitate to use the Remove Background option. You just need one click to get a pure graphic without any annoying background.

remove background


8.1 Add Transition

Click the Transition button between two scenes, and you can choose from many transition effects to make these two scenes merge more smoothly.

add transition

8.2 Edit Transition

Select a favorite transition and adjust the duration and category properly. For the Overlays transition, you can also change the color freely.

edit transition

9. Picture in Picture

Click the Add as Layer button on the lower left of a media file to add it as a layer, the so-called Picture in Picture.

Click the picture/video layer you added, and you will find many options on the toolbar. According to your needs, you can crop it to other shapes, change its opacity, add a suitable motion, replace it with another image/video, etc.

edit picture in picture

10. Text

Choose from a collection of handpicked text animations to touch up your video.

10.1 Add Text

Click Text on the sidebar to find a lot of pre-built text animations: Basic Text, Modern Titles, and many others in different themes. Select and add the one that fits your needs.

add text

10.2 Edit Text

Click the pen icon on the top of the canvas to be able to type your own words. You can drag the text box border to change its size quickly and move the text to any place in the same scene on the timeline.

To further customize your text, click on any text box and open the text editing panel on the top of the canvas, where you can change the font, color, format, size, background, motion, etc.

Besides, you can upload your own fronts if you have a premium account.

edit text

10.3 Text Style

When you are using the text samples, click the Edit button and you can find various Style options on the left side. Select a favorite style, and make some micro-adjustments by dragging the slider, and you will get a unique text easily!

text style

10.4 Text Motion

Make your texts move! Click the Motion button, and you will find many options on the left side of the canvas, including the preset of in & out and individual in and out motions.

Click one of the options, and you can preview the effect. You can choose to “move” the text by character or word. Feel free to select a suitable effect and make your text match your video perfectly!

text motion

10.5 Subtitle

Want to generate subtitles or captions for your video and make it more compelling and accessible? Easy!

Click Subtitle on the sidebar, and you can choose Auto AI Subtitle to add subtitles automatically, choose Manual Subtitle to type texts manually, or choose Upload Subtitle File to upload your own files to create subtitles for your video.


Once finished, you can find options on the toolbar to edit subtitles’ font, size, color, etc. Click the Style button, so you can choose a pre-made sample to customize your subtitles.

subtitle style

11. Element

11.1 Ordinary Elements

You can choose from millions of elements and add them to highlight your video.

Click the Elements tab, type a keyword, and you can find out many relevant elements, including arrows, bubbles, shapes, emojis, etc.

ordinary elements

To make the element more flexible, you can click the Motion button on the top of the screen to add suitable animations.

11.2 Frame & Mask

Choose a shape from Mask & Frame and add it to the canvas. Drag and drop a picture or video to the mask/frame, and then it will turn into the same shape.

mask frame

12. Overlays

To make your video to the next level, select and add a suitable overlay or logo to your video.

Click the Overlays tab on the sidebar to find various premade overlays, effects, and logo samples. You can easily add one of the samples to decorate the scene with a simple click.


13. Background

Find cool background video templates on the left side of the canvas, and use them to decorate your video project.


14. Music

14.1 Add Music

You can choose to upload local music files from Media, click the audio track on the timeline to upload audio directly, or search resources from the Audio library. Click the Audio tab, enter keywords and you can find the one you need. Add it to the timeline, and it will be added to Media automatically.

add music

14.2 Edit Music

You can add several music files to different tracks on the timeline, and drag to adjust the position to fit the whole video.

Besides, in the toolbar at the top of the timeline, you can find options like Volume, Fade, Split, etc.

edit music

14.3 Voiceover

It’s easy to record your own voice to decorate your video.

Click Media, then click My Recordings and choose Record Voice.


Then, click the red button and start recording after a 3-second countdown.

voiceover settings

Once finished, the recording will automatically be saved to Media and you can get a copy to save it to your desktop. The voiceover file can be edited like general audio freely.

edit voiceover

15. Branding

Click Tools on the sidebar and you can find the Branding option.


15.1 Text Branding

Type your brand name and make a watermark to announce the copyright. You can freely change the color, position, font, size, and opacity of the text.

text branding

15.2 Image Branding

Upload a JPG or PNG image from your computer, and then you can change the position, size, and opacity properly.

photo branding

16. Export

When you are done creating your video, you can drag the playhead to the beginning of the timeline to preview the whole video.

Click the Export button, and you can choose to download a Video or GIF.

16.1 Export Video

If you want to download a video, you can choose quality from 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Staying on the export page can download the video faster.

export video

16.2 Export GIF

If you choose to download a GIF, you can click the GIF button to choose/customize a suitable size to download.


17. Advanced Features

17.1 Ratio

Click the Ratio button to select a suitable ratio for different platforms, including 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 21:9, and 4:5.

advanced features

17.2 Undo & Redo

Click the undo button on the top left corner of the canvas or directly press Ctrl - Z to undo the last action you did.

Click the undo button on the top left corner of the canvas or directly press Ctrl - Y to redo the last action quickly.

Tips: Replace Ctrl with Command on Mac.

17.3 Align Object

FlexClip adds several auxiliary lines to help you align elements and texts. Besides, you can press the direction keys for micro adjustment.

align elements

17.4 Cloud Storage

You can find the Cloud Storage button on the top right corner by opening Media. It is available to all premium accounts. You can upload your video, music, and pictures files to FlexClip and save them online in case of data loss. Besides, these saved files can be used in every video you edit.

cloud storage

You can find the Cloud Storage as well as the My Fonts and My Templates entrance on your Home page.

home page

17.5 My Templates

Currently, you can make and save your own templates.

Method 1: Hover the cursor on the template’s thumbnail, click the heart-shaped icon on the top right corner, and then you can mark it as your Favorites. You can find your favorite templates on your home page.


Method 2: After finishing a video, you can click My Templates and click Save current project as template to save this video as a template for further editing in the future.

save template

17.6 Rearrange

You can easily drag to rearrange the scenes on the timeline.

17.7 Giphy Text

Click the Tools button on the sidebar and you will find a Giphy Text option.

giphy text

Click this option, enter a word in the search box, and it will show you lots of giphy texts to choose from. They are dynamic! (Note: Giphy texts are kind of gifs, which are images instead of real texts.)

create giphy texts

17.8 AI Tools

Need any AI tools to help you make videos and speed up your editing process? Click Tools, choose from Text to Video, AI Image Generator, AI Video Script, and Text to Speech, and use them to help you make compelling videos with ease!

ai tools

17.9 Livechat

If you have any questions or suggestions while editing, just click the question icon and choose LiveChat to contact our support team. We'll try to help you solve problems ASAP.

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