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FlexClip Getting Started Tutorial

1. Getting Started

Open in your browser. On the homepage, click Get Started - Free button, and then register or log in to your account.


On My Projects panel, click Create New button to start a project. You can choose from many preset video templates or start from scratch with a blank project.

video templates

2. Add Media

To add media files, click the + button at the end of storyboard list and you have 3 options from the pop-up menu.

You can add local meida, add stock media or add background to your storyboard.

1. Choose "Add Stock Media" and you can search 850,000+ photos and videos from the media library.

2. Choose "Add Local Media" and you can upload your own videos or photos.

3. Choose "Add Background " and you can create a storyboard with black background (default).

Add store bord

3. Manage Storyboard

To edit or modify any materials you add, you can:

Click the Add Stock Media button or Add local media button button at the bottom of the storyboard window to add stock media or local media.

Press and hold the Voice button button at the bottom of the storyboard window to begin recording your voiceover.

Click the Play video button at the bottom of the storyboard window to preview the selected storyboard.

Preview storybord

By selecting a photo segment at the storyboard, you can apply animation:

Click Animation icon on the top editing bar and then choose an effect:

Photo Animation

Then click on Apply:

Photo Animation

4. Transition Effects

If you want to add transition effects between two segments, you just need to click the Transition icon as below.

Transition Effects

Then you can choose the effect you like: Cross Dissolve, Fade to White, Fade to Black , Zoom In, Zoom out, etc. Then click on Apply.

Transition Effects

If you want to edit or delete transition effect, click the transition button and make your change.

Transition Effects

5. Trim Video

You can trim and select the specific part of your added video.

1. Click the Trim button button and the video trimmer is opened where you can trim your video by adjusting the yellow trimming sliders on the video track.

2. The video track shows a thumbnail of your video allowing you to have an overall preview.

3. Drag either one or both sliders on each end of the video track to decide the length of your video. Then drag and move the icon on the top of video track to select the start and end point of your video.

Trim video

6. Add and Edit Text

Choose from a collection of handpicked text animations to touch up your video.

Add Text

Click the Text Icon button in the menu on the left side of the screen and you will see a lot of pre-built text animations. Select and add the one that fits your needs.

Edit Text

Double click on the text box to be able to enter your own words. Drag the corners to change its size quickly and you can move it to any place of your video.

To further customize your text, click on any text box and open the text editing panel on the top of the storyboard window, where you can change the text font, color, format, size, alignment, position, duration, or remove it quickly.

Add text and edit

7. Add and Edit Music

Add your favorite background music to take your video to the next level.

Add Music

Click the Music Icon button in the menu on the left side of the screen and then press "Add Music" to upload your own music from the local computer or search an extensive collection of audio files from the media library.

Edit Music

You can click the Play music button to play the music and drag the volume slider to make it louder or quieter. To play the music repeatedly, check the “Loop Playback” box.

Click the trim button button to trim and adjust the music duration by dragging sliders on each end of the music track to fit for your video length.

upload music trim music

8. Real-Time Preview

When you are done creating your video, you can click the "Preview" button on the top of the screen to preview it in real time. If you want to make additional changes, close the preview window, and you’ll go back to fine tune it.

Preview video

9. Export Video

After you are happy with your video, you can now click the "Export Video" button on the top of the screen to export it.

On the export window, choose the video quality you need (480p, 720p or 1080p). The export speed will depend on the length of your video.

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