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YTCutter & YTCutter Alternatives To Grab & Trim Video Successfully

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Briefs: Check how to use YTCutter to save your favorite YouTube video in mere steps. And, if you fail to get a high-quality video download or can't use YTCutter service, then we have provided some YTCutter alternatives that are more accessible for you.


Part One - YTCutter Briefs & Issues of Using YTCutter

If you've found an interesting YouTube video and want to extract a section of YouTube without downloading the whole video, then YTCutter is an easy option. YTCutter is a free intuitive app online for YouTube that allows you to save your favorite scenes from YouTube into your own video, GIF, audio or screenshots in mere steps.

i)How to Extract Your Favorite Scenes from a YouTube Video in YTCutter?

Extract favorite video contents from YouTube using YTCutter.

Image: Extract favorite video contents from YouTube using YTCutter.

Step 1 Copy the URL of your favorite YouTube video;

Step 2 Head to YTCutter webpage -, and paste YouTube URL to it;

Step 3 Play YouTube video to set the start and the end to clip;

Step 4 Download and save your selected video content to video/GIF/audio/screenshot.

ii)2 Fatal Errors/Issues of Using YTCutter to Clip a YouTube Video

Quite a few users have suffered & complained about 2 critical errors when they use YTCutter to trim YouTube video online:

  • Service temporarily unavailable;
  • Bad quality video;
YTCutter service temporarily unavailable.

Image: YTCutter service temporarily unavailable.

Especially, "Service temporarily unavailable" is the most hatred situation that downloads you nothing at all and gets you stuck at the last step. It's caused by VPN, slow network, your region not supported and YouTube blocking your video download.

About the 2 errors, there is little thing that you can do to fix them. But you can switch to other solutions alternative to YTCutter downloader and trimmer.

Part Two - 5 YTCutter Alternatives To Trim Video Online Successfully

Many YouTube cutters are not actually YouTube cutters, which will only repeat the steps but yield no result of what you desire - no download video. In this part, we've selected out actually functioning YTCutter alternatives to trim video online successfully.

#1.YouTube Cutter


YouTube Cutter is the top free YouTube trimmer that we've found by now. If you don't want to spend a lot of time cutting/editing a YouTube video download, then it's your best option. With mere 3 steps, you can finish your favorite download without any trouble:

YTCutter Alternative - YouTube Cutter.

Image: YTCutter Alternative - YouTube Cutter.

Step 1 Open the webpage, and paste your wanted YouTube URL to it.

Step 2 Define download video begin and end, by either drag or entering a digit.

Step 3 Download your cutting YouTube video within minutes.

#2.FlexClip Free Screen Recorder


FlexClip Free Screen Recorder has everything you need to record any YouTube video to your liking, without costing you a penny. If you want a high-resolution YouTube video download, then FlexClip Free Screen Recorder is your best choice that allows video resolution up to 1080P.

YTCutter Alternative - FlexClip Screen Recorder.

Image: YTCutter Alternative - FlexClip Screen Recorder.

Step 1 Open FlexClip screen recorder with Chrome or Safari browser.

Step 2 Start recording, and choose the recording mode of the entire screen.

Step 3 Open and play YouTube video in fullscreen.



RecordCast is a powerful, free screen recorder that supports recording any YouTube video online. Again, RecordCast is another 1080P YouTube video recorder.

YTCutter Alternative - RecordCast Free Online.

Image: YTCutter Alternative - RecordCast Free Online.

Step 1 Open RecordCast in a browser.

Step 2 Go recording screen and pick the entire screen recording mode.

Step 3 Play the part of your wanted YouTube video in fullscreen.

#4.YouT Pro YouTube Video Trimmer


YouT is a similar YouTube cutter like YouTube Cutter. However, YouT requires users to upgrade to a Pro account to trim a YouTube video and download it to MP4 online. A heads up: If you don't have a Pro account, then you can only download the whole YouTube video with a low video resolution of 480P or below.

YTCutter Alternative - YouT Pro YouTube Video Trimmer.

Image: YTCutter Alternative - YouT Pro YouTube Video Trimmer.

Step 1 Open a browser and enter YouT webpage.

Step 2 Enter a YouTube link.

Step 3 Go MP4, select a video resolution to record and download your video.

#5.FLVTO + FlexClip Trimmer

URL: +

If a software/an app alone can't get us the video from YouTube, then try a combo. Here is our combo today: FLVTO + FlexClip Trimmer.

FLVTO is a famous video downloader online. Feed it with a video URL, and FLVTO will download the entire video for you in a minute. With FlexClip Trimmer, you can trim the downloaded video. Although it feels a bit redundant by using 2 apps, it's not the least time-consuming/complex. These 2 apps can do their work lightning fast.

YTCutter Combo Alternative - FLVTO + FlexClip Trimmer.

Image: YTCutter Combo Alternative - FLVTO + FlexClip Trimmer.

Step 1 Open FLVTO webpage and copy a YouTube URL to download the whole video.

Step 2 Open FlexClip Trimmer, drag and drop your download video for trimming.

Step 3 Download your needed video.

Part Three - Lastly

All of the 5 YTCutter alternatives are tested and workable nicely. So you can feel free to try and use any of them to cut and download any YouTube video you like.

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