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7 Proven Ways to Get YouTube to MP3 Music Online Easily

In this tip, we've collected the proven ways to download YouTube to MP3 music online and compared their performances when running the tests.

Find it troublesome to download a piece of music online immediately? What if we can find easy ways to grab music online?

Then fulfill the desires to:

  • Add background music to a video clip.
  • DIY a ringtone for yourself.
  • Make a mix music collection.

YouTube to MP3 Copyright & Music Quality

Before we introduce the best ways to grab YouTube music in MP3, two issues need to be addressed firstly:

One is how to know the music copyright - You won't want to use copyrighted music and find yourself in trouble with copyright infringement issues. Normally, YouTube runs a copyright check automatically when the channel owner uploads the videos. That way, we won't infringe copyrights when grabbing MP3 music from YouTube. To double check it, you can also search the song name in YouTube music policy, which requires an account of YouTube or Gmail.

Search music copyrights

Image board: Search music copyrights.

Another issue is the audio resolution – All of us want to download high-res audio from YouTube, but the fact is the quality of original YouTube music is primary. The best method to analyze music quality is by ears. Since MP3 uses lossy compression, a higher kb/s speed always guarantees a better audio quality.

Top 7 Free YouTube to MP3 Downloaders Online

#1 - Yout is a fast YouTube to MP3 downloader.

To use this online app to grab MP3 music from YouTube, you just need to change the URL from to then, select [MP3(Audio)], pick an audio quality, if you like, you can also name the audio title and input the artist name. It also supports setting the starting point and the ending point of your MP3 music.

Yout downloading YouTube to MP3 is lighting fast – Due to our test, it requires only 16 seconds to download a 4-min YouTube video to MP3. The options for audio quality ranges from 128kb/s to 320kb/s, without the low-res option of 64kb/s. Except for MP3, you are capable of downloading YouTube to MP4 video with Yout. For amusement, you may use it to generate an animated GIF out of a YouTube.

Yout - a fast YouTube to MP3 downloader

Image board: Yout - a fast YouTube to MP3 downloader.

#2 - Y2mate is a powerful and high-efficient YouTube to MP3 downloader for free.

Its audio MP3 quality varies from 64kb/s to 320kb/s. It works differently from other YouTube to MP3 converters online, Y2mate only prepares the result when you've made a choice of the audio quality and pressed [Download] button.

It's the fastest YouTube to MP3 generator that we've tried so far. For a 4-min YouTube, it generates the MP3 in 128kb/s almost instantly. Regarding the audio quality of YouTube to MP3 conversion, 128kb/s MP3 feels more like deep bass music, while 320kb/s music is lossless MP3.

Y2mate - powerful and high-efficient YouTube to MP3 downloader

Image board: Y2mate - powerful and high-efficient YouTube to MP3 downloader.

#3 - We may call it the most straightforward app online to turn YouTube to MP3. For VPN users, 9XBUDDY requires you to turn off your VPN application to download the MP3 music.

9XBUDDY is probably one of the fastest YouTube to MP3 downloaders online that we've found. For a 4-min YouTube video, it takes 3-4 seconds to analyze the YouTube and prepares the MP3, along with STR, 1080p-MP4, 480p-MP4, 360p-MP4, 144P-3GP, 240P-3GP, M4A and WEBM as the download options. The quality of the downloaded MP3 is relatively higher than most of YouTube to MP3 downloaders.

9XBUDDY - VPN-free YouTube to MP3 downloader

Image board: 9XBUDDY - VPN-free YouTube to MP3 downloader.

#4 - LISTENTOYOUTUBE has an ugly interface. While It's an excellent YouTube to MP3 grabber with the best performance to get high-resolution music from YouTube shortly.

On the page of LISTENTOYOUTUBE, we just spend 8 seconds waiting for a valid MP3 download button by inputting the same 4-min YouTube.

LISTENTOYOUTUBE - an excellent YouTube to MP3 grabber

Image board: LISTENTOYOUTUBE - an excellent YouTube to MP3 grabber.

#5 - converts YouTube video to MP3 music at a relatively slow speed. On the flip side, it doesn't comprise the quality, which only renders you a higher-res audio MP3. As you can guess, the output MP3 is in a larger size keeping more music info.

To turn a 4-min YouTube video to MP3, it takes almost 1 min to prepare the work at a much slower speed compared with the other mentioned online YouTube music downloaders. converts YouTube to MP3 music

Image board: converts YouTube to MP3 music.

#6 - YTMP3 will ask you to paste a URL of a YouTube video. In addition to saving music to PC hard drive, it allows you to save the music to Dropbox.

From the experiment, it takes 30 seconds to initialize, load and convert a 4-min YouTube to MP3, also notice that the finished MP3 requires you to download it to your hard drive manually. It doesn't give us the option to choose the audio quality, listen to the converting MP3, It's nice, but we find the quality of MP3 is slightly losing.

YTMP3 saves YouTube to MP3 on both PC and Dropbox

Image board: YTMP3 saves YouTube to MP3 on both PC and Dropbox.

#7 - AmoyShare is another speedy YouTube to MP3 generator, whose online version only provides 128k-MP3 as a free option available.

Likewise, we use the same 4-min YouTube as the test source, and AmoyShare submits a performance paper of 7 seconds to finish the conversion from YouTube to MP3. Comparing the music quality, we'd say it wears more deep bass effect.

Speedy YouTube to MP3 converter - AmoyShare

Image board: Speedy YouTube to MP3 converter - AmoyShare.

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