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5 Free YouTube GIF Makers to Help You Create GIFs from YouTube Videos

Last Updated: Sep. 29, 2020
If you don't know how to make a GIF from a YouTube video, you’re in the right place. In this post, we've collected five best YouTube GIF makers to help you convert YouTube videos to GIFs with great ease.

Have you ever wanted to convert a funny YouTube video to GIF so that you can share to your friends quickly? Is there a way that can help you do that easily and quickly?

Look no further than this blog, where you'll learn how to make a gif from a YouTube video in 5 free easy ways. Let's dive right in now.

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How to Make a GIF from a YouTube Video

1. Make GIF from YouTube Video by Using GifRun

This YouTube GIF maker allows you to make high-quality GIFs without watermark from hundreds of sites, including YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Also, you can add text to GIF to your GIF.

YouTube GIF Maker - GifRun

Image Board: YouTube GIF Maker - GifRun

How to Use It:

Step 1
Paste a YouTube video link to the text box.
Step 2
Adjust duration, choose the start time and GIF pixel, add text if necessary, and click the CREATE GIF button.
Step 3
Preview and download the GIF.

2. Make GIF from YouTube Video by Using FreeGifMaker

FreeGifMaker is a widely used YouTube GIF maker. It works well in your browse, which means you don't need to download and install any software on your computer. The tool is intuitively clear in use and works fast. What you need to do is find a YouTube video you like, and FreeGifMaker will help you do the rest.

YouTube GIF Maker - FreeGifmaker

Image Board: YouTube GIF Maker - FreeGifmaker

How to Use It:

Step 1
Copy the URL of your favorite YouTube video and paste it to the text field.
Step 2
Click the Load YouTube Video button and wait for the checking process.
Step 3
Enter start time, GIF duration, and click the Make a GIF button.

3. Make GIF from YouTube Video by Using GIPHY

GIPHY is an online GIF maker, and it stocks a large number of GIFS and animates stickers you can use. You can either add multiple images or paste an URL of YouTube, Vimeo, or GIPHY to make GIFs quickly. Besides that, the tool also allows you to add caption, stickers, and filters to the GIF you created.

YouTube GIF Maker - GIPHY

Image Board: YouTube GIF Maker - GIPHY

How to Use It:

Step 1
Paste an URL to the text box.
Step 2
Choose the video start time and GIF duration.
Step 3
Add texts, stickers, or filters according to your needs.
Step 4
Upload your GIF to GIPHY.

4. Make GIF from YouTube Video by Using Imgflip

This online animated GIF maker enables you to make high-quality GIFs from YouTube videos, video websites, video files, images, and pictures. You can even have more powerful customization options, such as adding text and images, enabling sound, resizing, reversing, etc. The downside is that Imgflip will add a watermark to your GIF, and you can remove it if you upgrade your account to Pro for $9.95/month.

YouTube GIF Maker - Imgflip

Image Board: YouTube GIF Maker - Imgflip

How to Use It:

Step 1
Paste an URL from YouTube.
Step 2
Select the start time and end time and customize it freely.
Step 3
Click the Generate GIF button and download the result.

5. Make GIF from YouTube Video by Using GIF Maker

GIF Maker is another YouTube GIF maker worth trying. This YouTube to GIF converter works online. No download or installation is required. You can use it to create animated GIF from YouTube videos and images in a few clicks. Simply paste a YouTube link or upload multiple images to start.

YouTube GIF Maker - GIF Maker

Image Board: YouTube GIF Maker - GIF Maker

How to Use It:

Step 1
Paste a YouTube URL to the upload box and click the Create GIF button.
Step 2
Select start time and GIF duration, check preview, and click Create GIF.
Step 3
After a while, you can share or download the GIF file.

How to Create YouTube Video Online

Creating a YouTube video can be free and easy. All you need is FlexClip, a free online video maker with a range of video templates for YouTube. It comes with all the basic video editing tools you need. Some of its noticeable features are video trimming, video splitting, adding text, music and effects to video, video speed adjustment, video rotation and picture in picture. With this powerful YouTube video maker, you can create all kinds of videos for YouTube with great ease. Click the Create a Video button below to get started.

Depict Video: How to Use FlexClip to Create YouTube Video

The Bottom Line

That's all for how to make a GIF from a YouTube video using five YouTube to GIF makers. All of them are very helpful and easy to use. Don't forget to give one of them a try if you are going to convert a YouTube video to GIF. Please do let us know via Facebook if you have any better ways to convert YouTube video to GIF.

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