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Best 3 Online YouTube Clippers:Trim YouTube Videos in a Flash (100% Work & Free)

Last Updated: Jan. 28, 2021

YouTube videos are packed with funny stuff. And there are times when you wanna trim some clips and convert them into a meme, gif, or simply cut a part of a YouTube video online for video editing.

So, is there a way to get the job done quickly in minutes for computer novices?

Definitely! We’ve found and tested 3 awesome YouTube clippers for you. So you can easily these YouTube clippers to trim/cut YouTube videos in a flash. Without further ado, let’s find out how they work.


Best YouTube Clipper Online Free

Of these 3 easy-to-use YouTube clippers, one is used to trim downloaded YouTube videos, while others directly cut online YouTube videos with the URL.

FlexClip YouTube Clipper: Trim the Downloaded YouTube Video in 3 Easy Steps

FlexClip, a free and versatile online video editor, offers you a superb YouTube video clipping experience with its easy video trimmer.

Easy-to-use FlexClip YouTube clipper

Easy-to-use FlexClip YouTube clipper

Just drag the downloaded YouTube video file to FlexClip video trimmer (both video and audio clipper), and move the selection bar to decide the trimming area. And click-on the ‘Trim’ button. That’s it. The YouTube video is trimmed in a split second.

A video tutorial to trim videos by FlexClip YouTube clipper

Finally, you can even export the clipped YouTube video to MP4 (1080p) or convert it to an animated gif. So, you can have everything done in one free online video editor once and for all and it’s totally free.

Insider Tips
We also offer you 5 free YouTube video downloaders for you to download quality YouTube videos before using FlexClip video trimmer to cut YouTube videos.
If you find a need to add animated text or use a smooth video transition to make trimmed YouTube video blend in other clips, FlexClip’s versatile editing features will offer you many options and flexibilities you deserve for free.
 Diverse editing features of free FlexClip video editor

Diverse editing features of free FlexClip video editor

Besides, don’t worry if you aren’t English native speakers, FlexClip offers multiple languages allowing you to clip/trim YouTube videos with ease.

YouTubeTrimmer: Online YouTube Clipper

YouTubeTrimmer, as its name suggests, is a flexible online YouTube clipper that uses the URL of a YouTube video to clip online YouTube video in seconds.

Paste URL of a YouTube video to YouTube Trimmer

Paste URL of a YouTube video to YouTube Trimmer

Just paste the YouTube video URL to YouTubeTrimmer. Then, set the start and the end time of the clipping YouTube video. The video is automatically trimmed.

What makes it so unique is that it will generate a new URL and an embed code of the trimmed YouTube video. So, you can directly use its URL or copy the embed code in your social account or web page.

YouTube Trimmer generates a new URL and embed code for the trimmed video.

YouTube Trimmer generates a new URL and embed code for the trimmed video.

The only drawback is you can’t download clipped YouTube videos to MP4 to your pc.

Kapwing: Online YouTube Clipper

Kapwing online YouTube clipper enables you to clip YouTube videos in a breeze.

The interface is very simple and clear. Not only can you use Kapwing clipper to trim a downloaded YouTube video, but also paste a URL and clip YouTube video directly.

Kapwing YouTube video clipper

Kapwing YouTube video clipper

Likewise, just move the slider to decide the duration of the YouTube video you want. That’s it. You may also add some basic text, background-color, or change aspect ratio, etc. Yet, it does take a while to expert trimmed YouTube video to mp4 on your desktop.

Use slider to cut part of a YouTube video

Use slider to cut part of a YouTube video

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you want to clip a downloaded YouTube video, FlexClip is your best choice for its free and versatile video editor.

But, if you don’t have the time to download a YouTube video, paste its URL to the other two online YouTube clippers may also work. So, wait no more, start clipping a YouTube video with our recommended YouTube clippers now.

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