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How to Screen Record YouTube Videos with Sound/Audio

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021
This article focuses on showing you how to record YouTube screen with sound. Follow the detailed steps below to screen record YouTube video with sound.

People spend lots of time on YouTube every day! If you’d like to screen record a YouTube video for further watching or listening, then you are not alone. We all need access to YouTube videos without the Internet sometimes. So, how to screen record YouTube videos easily and effectively?

This is an easy guide on screen record YouTube videos on the computer. Now, follow us to record educational resources, music videos, live streams, trailers on YouTube.

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Method 1. Screen Record YouTube Videos with Sound

To screen record YouTube videos with sound in the highest quality, you should turn to FlexClip, an excellent online YouTube screen recorder with flexible recording settings. No download, no experience required. Moreover, it also provides you numerous video editing tools to level up your screen recording.

Now, click on the Screen recording button to start recording.

Step 1
Open the YouTube video you want to screen record with Chrome on computer.
Step 2
Go to the Media section, Click on the Recording icon and select Record Screen.
Screen Record YouTube Video with Sound - Step 2

Screen Record YouTube Video with Sound - Step 2

Step 3
Go to Chrome Tab, select the YouTube video page. Tick the box before Share Audio, then click Share.
Screen Record YouTube Video with Sound - Step 3

Screen Record YouTube Video with Sound - Step 3

Step 4
FlexClip is now screen recording the YouTube video you are playing. End recording wherever you like.
Screen Record YouTube Video with Sound - Step 4

Screen Record YouTube Video with Sound - Step 4

Step 5
(optional) Edit your YouTube screen record, like trimming, adding voice-over.
Screen Record YouTube Video with Sound - Step 5

Screen Record YouTube Video with Sound - Step 5

Step 6
Export and share.

Method 2. Screen Record YouTube Videos with Sound in Clicks

If you don’t need to do any editing, FlexClip also provides you an easy-to-use screen recording tool. Go to, follow the prompts to record YouTube videos!

1. To avoid infringement issues, please refer to YouTube’s Terms of Service and related lawsuits in your country before starting recording. We don’t recommend behaviors like recording YouTube videos randomly.
2. To save YouTube’s TV show events, sports, you’d better take advantage of YouTube’s unlimited DVR feature.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for screen recording YouTube videos with sound. Share this post with others if you find it helpful. Have other thoughts on-screen recording YouTube videos? Tell us via Facebook.

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