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How To Save YouTube Video To MP4/Customizable GIF?

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021
Opening Words
How to save a YouTube video as a file, like an MP4 or a customizable GIF? This article will walk you through 3 approaches.

YouTube makes it easy to share and watch videos online, but YouTube videos are not available offline. There are times we hope to save a YouTube video as a file for amusement, social communication, class teaching or other purposes. A YouTube video saver can help us save the YouTube videos we need.

Before downloading a YouTube video, you need to check its copyright. If it's under YouTube CC license, it's legal. If not, try to contact YouTube creator for authorizing this video; or you may get lawsuits for illegal dissemination.

Part 1 - How to Save YouTube Video for Free Online?

There are a bunch of free YouTube downloaders out there, but many of them support saving a YouTube video in low quality. These downloaded videos are useless to most people.

In this guide, we'll share 3 free solutions to save YouTube content in high quality or above, so that you can save YouTube for other uses.

#1.Grab FlexClip Screen Recorder to Save YouTube Video Online

FlexClip Screen Recorder.

Image: FlexClip Screen Recorder.

Step 1
Open the YouTube video that you want to record in a browser.
Step 2
Land FlexClip screen recorder -, and hit "Start Recording".
Step 3
Choose the recording audio. For mere YouTube video recording, go "System Audio", which will only capture YouTube audio.
Step 4
Hit the red recording button. Then go "Chrome tab" and pick this YouTube for screen recording.
Step 5
After you stop recording, you can choose to save the YouTube video as a WEBM video. The [Edit This Screencast Now] button will allow you to edit and download your YouTube save as an MP4 or an animated GIF.

#2.Using VLC Media Player to Save YouTube Video on PC

VLC Media Player is the ultimate desktop YouTube video saver. For who people want to save a whole YouTube video or just a specific part, VLC is an optimal solution to save needed YouTube videos.

Save YouTube video via VLC.

Image: Save YouTube video via VLC.

Step 1
Open and play the YouTube video with a browser.
Step 2
Launch VLC Media Player, drag and drop the URL of YouTube video to VLC interface.
Step 3
Go "View" > "Advanced Controls".
Step 4
Hit the record icon to record & save your favorite YouTube contents.

#3.Save YouTube Video Free Online with Y2Mate (PC, Smartphone & Tablet)

If you want to save a YouTube video on a smartphone or tablet, Y2Mate is an option for you. It's much easy to save a whole YouTube video:

Save YouTube Video Free Online with Y2Mate.

Image: Save YouTube Video Free Online with Y2Mate.

Step 1
Visit Y2Mate webpage and the YouTube video to record, respectively.
Step 2
Paste the URL of YouTube video to Y2Mate input box and hit the [Start] button.
Step 3
After page's refreshing and video's loading, you'll have a dozen of options to save the whole YouTube video.
Y2Mate doesn't give you a choice to save a part of YouTube video as you define. If you have such a demand, you shall consider moving to the first 2 solutions on a computer.

Part 2 - Edit YouTube Video & Save It to a GIF

Right after saving your favorite YouTube video, you may want to do some customization and make an animated GIF image with it. Here is our free, easy way to realize it.

Step 1
Land FlexClip homepage, hit [Start from Scratch].
Step 2
Upload your YouTube saved video by following the "Media" tab > "Add Media" > [Local Files]. Alternatively, you can upload your YouTube saved video by "+" > [Add Local Media] on the bottom.
Step 3
Edit your downloaded YouTube video. Here, you can add beautiful overlays, cool texts, graphic motions, etc. in a few clicks.
Step 4
Save your customized YouTube and export it to a GIF image.

Part 3 - Last Words

In the guide of saving your favorite YouTube video, we've introduced 3 free ways. Have you tried any of them? Which approach is your favorite? Contact us if you are happy to share your thinking with us. Also, if you find another awesome way to save a YouTube video, let us know!

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