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Top 7 KeepVid Alternatives to Download Video & Edit Video Free Online[2020 Updated]

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Briefs: Look for KeepVid alternatives online? We've selected out top 7 KeepVid alternatives that are more powerful & comprehensive to download/edit videos online. Check them out and find your ideal tool!


Part One - KeepVid Online Introduction

Once KeepVid was a renowned, all-in-1 video app online for video download + video conversion. Its easiness & all-inclusive features make KeepVid endorsed by a large number of users quickly.

However, KeepVid released a major update and delete hot download feature on March 21st, 2018. Without download support, the online video converter & editor has less edge. Now, you can only find these features in KeepVid -

KeepVid online

Image: KeepVid online.

  • Video Edits: Trim, Crop, Adjust, Rotate, Flip.
  • Video Output Formats: MP4, FLV, AVI, 3GP, WMV, MKV.
  • Video Output Resolutions: 240P, 360P, 480P, 720P, 1080P.
  • Video to Audio Files: MP3, MAV, WMA.

In all: The features that KeepVid remains, are very fundamental.(No highlights)

Come across errors or not-cool effects in current-version KeepVid? The following top 7 awesome KeepVid alternatives can "Wow" you with stable performances. These online apps all allow you to either download or edit videos freely.

Part Two - Top 7 KeepVid Alternatives Online Free

It's a pity that KeepVid embeds no video downloader now. If you need an alternative app to download video online, we've curated 4 best video downloaders free online to help you out. Also if you want to edit video better online, we've reviewed 3 video editors alternatvie to KeepVid.

No.1.9XBUDDY - A Raw Video Downloader for YouTube


Points for Download: 4.9/5.0

KeepVid alternative - 9XBUDDY free video downloader

Image: KeepVid alternative - 9XBUDDY free video downloader.

9XBUDDY is a simple YouTube downloader online, allowing users to download a whole video from a YouTube URL. 9XBUDDY offers various download options, including MP4, audio-free MP4, video subtitles, audio MP3, audio WEBM, etc.

If you want to grab subtitles and audio from a YouTube video, 9XBUDDY is your best choice with no exception.

No.2.YouT - The Most Successful Free YouTube to MP4 Downloader


Points for Download: 4.5/5.0

KeepVid alternative - YouT online video downloader

Image: KeepVid alternative - YouT online video downloader

YouT is a distinguished YouTube downloader online. It has no difficulty in downloading any video from YouTube. The highlight feature is to choose which part of the video to download.

Given YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform with the most download requirements, we rank YouT as the No.1 KeepVid Video Downloader online.

No.3.CONVERTO - Perfectly Download Video from YouTube


Points for Download: 4.3/5.0

KeepVid alternative - CONVERTO online video downloader

Image: KeepVid alternative - CONVERTO online video downloader

It's another online video downloader to get video from YouTube. However, CONVERTO is a genuinely free online video downloader for YouTube quickly.

No.4.Apowersoft Online Video Downloader - Your Free HD-Video Downloader


KeepVid alternative - Apowersoft online video downloader

Image: KeepVid alternative - Apowersoft online video downloader

Apowersoft Online Video Downloader allows users to download YouTube video to 720P MP4, or 1080P in WEBM. If you are satisfied with 720P, it's a fast and efficient solution.

But try to downloads videos from Hulu, CBS or NBC, it will require you to update another paid pro version.

No.5.FlexClip - Cool Free Video Editor with Surprises! (Free & Watermark-free)


Points of Video-Editing: 4.5/5.0

KeepVid alternative - FlexClip free online video editor

Image: KeepVid alternative - FlexClip free online video editor

Start with a free account, then following navigations cannot be simpler in the modern interface. It gives you the freedom to add and edit more than one video clip, to make videos with pictures and music, and to customize audios and videos for each storyboard.

It's easy to switch the order of storyboards. If lacking video materials, you can find more awesome footage alternatives. There is also a background music library, which makes editing easier.

No.6.YouTube Video Editor (Official, Watermark-free, Beta Version)


Points of Video-Editing: 4.5/5.0

KeepVid alternative - YouTube free online video downloader

Image: KeepVid alternative - YouTube free online video downloader

If you are no YouTuber or channel owner but only a registered audience, you may not be aware of its beta free video editor.

The free beta editor allows you to trim video, add free music, or even blur human face. YouTube product manager designs this tool (or feature) for creating videos in YouTube. Therefore, if you want to grab YouTube video editor to edit video for other platforms, you have to go the steps to upload, edit, post, and download.

In YouTube homepage, it's hidden and requires you to click your name icon (on the top right) > [Your channel] > find the recording icon (Hover over, you'll see "Create a video or post") > [Upload Video].

No.7.WeVideo – Popular Video Editor Online (Watermark-free & Watermark)


Points of Video-Editing: 2.5/5.0

KeepVid alternative - WeVideo online video downloader

Image: KeepVid alternative - WeVideo online video downloader

WeVideo is a commercial online video editor. It offers tons of plans to choose from, but here we only introduce its free plan. But you shall know that WeVideo's free online video editor locks its video library (It needs paid subscription) and there is no resource support in WeVideo free version.

Go "Media" to upload a video clip (Drag-and-drop won't work in WeVideo). Double click the video will validate it in video editing interface. Also, you can set a thumbnail, change video name, then you'll get a watermark-free video. However, if you make more video edits and wish a watermark-free video, it'll ask you to subscribe.

Part Three - Words At Last

Frankly, YouT and FlexClip deserve your try. They offer practical solutions for video downloading and video editing.

If you like this honest review, welcome to share it with people in need. Such an act will help more people.

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