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How to Cut A YouTube Video

Last Updated: Apr. 03, 2020

Summary:This blog introduces 2 best ways to help you to cut YouTube videos. I list their pros and cons, you can compare both and select one according to your needs.

Whether you are a beginner or a vlogger with thousands of subscribers, I believe trimming your video clips is one of the most important things in your to-do list. But it's not cost-effective to use many of professional editing softwares, what’s more, softwares like adobe premiere are too professional to use it efficiently and effectively. So why not try something easy to use and free such as FlexClip video trimmer.

How to Cut A YouTube Video

Part 1: FlexClip - Cut A YouTube Video in Seconds


→ Cut/Trim any YouTube videos you want

→ Many other editing features to perfect your video clips such as removing background music


→ It’s required to download the YouTube video first

(There are top recommended webs to freely download YouTube Videos, check them out!)

How to Cut A YouTube Video by FlexClip

FlexClip online video cutter works in your browser without downloading, faster and more secure. Only with 4 Steps , the problem of “how to clip a YouTube video” can be solved effectively.

Step 1: Download the YouTube video you want

If you want to trim others’ YouTube videos, you may want to download the video first.


Image board: Free youtube converter: YouTube to MP4

Step 2: Upload Your YouTube Video

Add or drop the YouTube video into FlexClip web to start to cut the YouTube video clip (FlexClip video trimmer can trim MP4, MOV, WEBM, M4V, etc. video instantly).


Image board: Flexclip video trimmer

Step 3: Trim/Cut the YouTube Video

1) Adjust the timeline. Change the start and end time of your video by dragging the timeline.

2) Preview your cut video, make sure everything is alright.


Image board: How cut a YouTube video by FlexClip video maker

Step 4: Export the Cut Video

Click ‘trim’ button and wait for the processing, your trimmed YouTube video will be downloaded automatically. If it failed to download, you can click ‘re-download here’ to export again.


Image board: Export the Cut Video

Other Editing Features to perfect your video clips

With simple 4 steps, you can cut your YouTube video instantly, but if you also have other editing demands, such as add or adjust background music, filters, animation texts, transitions or edit the storyline, slide down to the ‘export’ page click the button of ‘Make Video Now’.


Image board: Make video by FlexClip

FlexClip video editor also offers a video library supporting thousands of video templates to achieve your most of editing needs. Come to join FlexClip, try it for free! Start to make your stunning YouTube videos.


Image board: Make a YouTube video by Flexclip

Part 2: YouTube Studio Editor


→ YouTube own editor may be more convenient to cut your YouTube video

→ The editor also supports you to add video card and end screen into YouTube videos


→ Editor is only able to trim your own YouTube videos (unable to trim others’ YouTube videos).

→ It cannot provides other editing tools and features to perfect your videos.

The new YouTube studio offers its own editor to cut your YouTube videos and provide other simple features such as adding video card, end screen and blur.

Step 1: Login and choose the video you want to trim

Login your YouTube account, go to ‘YouTube studio’. Then, choose the video you wanna cut in video list.


Image board: Enter into 'YouTube Studio' and select which video you want to cut

Step 2: Enter into editor

Tab the video you chose and go to the ‘editor’ starting to cut your YouTube videos.


Image board: Enter into 'YouTube Studio Editor'.

Step 3: Cut the video

Tab the ‘’ to start cutting the video. Then, adjust the starting and ending time.


Image board: Cut the video

Step 4: Tab ‘’ to cut the YouTube video and upload it in the internet

You can preview the cutting clip and make sure everything is perfect first. Then, click ‘Split’ to export the new video clip and in the mean time upload it onto YouTube.

Depict video: How to cut a YouTube video by YouTube video editor

Bottom Line

You can select one of cutting ways to trim your YouTube videos according to different demands. FlexClip not only can help you cut a YouTube video quickly and effectively, but also offers many professional editing tools and features to perfect your videos.

As same as FlexClip, follow 4 steps by YouTube studio editor to solve ‘how to cut a YouTube video’. However, YouTube studio editor can only cut your own YouTube videos, that is to say, it’s unable to trim other YouTube videos.

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