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11+ Best Facebook To MP4 Downloaders [2021 Tested]

Last Updated: Jun. 15, 2021
How to convert Facebook video to MP4? We've tested 20+ renowned Facebook video downloaders and selected out 11+ best Facebook to MP4 downloaders. Want to save a Facebook video? Just grab a Facebook to MP4 downloader in our list, you can have your wanted MP4 video in a minute.

Nowadays, Facebook Has hosted many great videos. By downloading Facebook video to MP4, you can watch & re-use a video anywhere & anytime.

11+ Best Facebook to MP4 Downloaders Free Online

#1.FlexClip's Screen Recorder

You can save a certain part of a Facebook video with FlexClip's screen recorder. You can record a Facebook video in fullscreen and clip some parts of a Facebook video for using. Just go [Media] > "Add Media" > [Record Screen].

Facebook video ratio usually goes 1:1, and you can set it up following [...More] > "Ratio" > [1:1].

FlexClip Facebook video recorder.

Image: FlexClip Facebook video recorder.


FBDOWNLOAD.IO is a self-explained Facebook to MP4 video downloader online. Open it in a browser, you'll know how to download a Facebook video. Once you paste a Facebook video URL, it'll offer you 8 options for MP4 video download. They are all workable and accurate.

Regarding the analysis & conversion speed, FBDOWNLOAD is in mid-level. For an average PC user, it's among the first choices since it's result-driven and well-performed.

Self-explained Facebook to MP4 video downloader online - FBDOWNLOAD

Image: Self-explained Facebook to MP4 video downloader online - FBDOWNLOAD.


No matter what kind of videos(Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Live video, etc.) you want to keep, RecordCast can help you out.

Just open the video and RecordCast, hit [Start Recording]. Then opt for your recording styles, and choose FB video screen.

RecordCast captures Facebook video free online.

Image: RecordCast captures Facebook video free online.


This is an anonymous Facebook video downloader, liked by 18k Facebook users. Its reputation precedes FBDOWN.

Using it to save a Facebook video to mp4, just copy & paste a Facebook video URL, and hit [Download].

For Chrome users, saving Facebook video online requires one more step to save the playing video manually. (Also, you can try its Chrome Extension for Facebook video download.) It defaults to save Facebook video to MP4 with 3 available options - normal quality, HD quality and video with no audio.

FBDOWN is also a private Facebook video downloader, allowing you to capture your Facebook videos tagging "Only me", "Friends" and others.

While we find two bugs:

  • 1
    When we test FBDOWN in Chrome browser online (without installing its Plugin), the option of "video with no audio" downloads no correct MP4 video.
  • 2
    "normal quality" will downsize the original video when Facebook video is not in a square size. Only "HD quality" renders high fidelity MP4 video from Facebook.
  • FBDOWN - an anonymous Facebook video downloader.

    Image: FBDOWN - an anonymous Facebook video downloader.

    Other 4 Websites to Download Facebook Videos to MP4 Free Online (Similar to FBDOWN)

    While testing, we find that FBDOWN shares the same kernel/core of a Facebook downloader with:

    Since these online free Facebook video downloaders use the same kernel with no exceptional functions, we'll just list them here in case you like to try one.

    2 Best Free Facebook Video Downloaders for Windows

    #1.WonderFox Free HD Video Converter

    WonderFox Free HD Video Converter is a batch Facebook video ripper that allows you to download a dozen of Facebook videos in batch. However, it doesn't support private FB video downloads.

    Regarding how to download a video from Facebook, steps are: [Download Video] > Paste URL > [Analyze] > [Download].

    WonderFox Free HD Video Converter - your batch Facebook video ripper.

    Image: WonderFox Free HD Video Converter - your batch Facebook video ripper.

    Plus Perks:

  • For those who want to download Facebook videos to other video formats, like M4V, MOV, AVI, FLV, H265 for MP4, etc., or convert Facebook videos to iPhone Plus, Apple TV, Samsung smartphone videos, WonderFox Free HD Video Converter is a recommended software to grab Facebook videos as HD portable videos easily.
  • Two Downsides:

  • It's a bit slower to run than above online Facebook to MP4 downloaders, because it uses an optimized algorithm that compromises the speed to achieve a higher quality video.
  • Almost half conversion options (for example, 4K conversion, 1080P conversion, etc.) require an upgrade to its Pro version.

    #2.YTD Video Converter

    YTD Video Converter is another batch Facebook video downloader for Windows. It's free and light-fast.

    As long as you've copied a Facebook video URL, it'll automatically read the URL and work. After you click [Download], it'll parse Facebook video and download it to MP4 in original size.

    This Facebook to MP4 downloader has other video conversion options, including MPEG-4, MOV, H.264, 3GP, WMV, AVI and MP3. Besides, it has a video player. When you try to capture private streaming video from Facebook, you need to login in to proceed. - All these features are 100%-free.

    In sum, YTD video converter is an efficient & easy batch Facebook to MP4 downloader, without many options for video conversion or any fatal errors.

    YTD Video Converter - convert facebook video to MP4 in batch.

    Image: YTD Video Converter - convert Facebook video to MP4 or other formats in batch.

    Wrapped It Up

    The 11 Facebook video downloaders are effective & efficient to grab a Facebook video to MP4. Besides these tools, you may find a long list of Facebook video grabbers on the Internet. However, a large number of Windows Facebook video downloaders, (such as, Freemake Video Downloader) claim to be free but only give you purchase options to download a watermark-free video.

    Need to download a Facebook video? Try the 11 tools mentioned above, they'll save your time & energy to get what you want.

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