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The Ultimate Guide on Event Video Production You Should Never Miss

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Summary: This guide tells you the top shots you should never miss for the event videography; besides, it also shows you how to turn your best event shot list into a stunning event video.

Events are great, but they do not typically last long enough to make a noticeable impact on your marketing efforts or express your cheerful feelings.

Capturing your event on video is a super-easy way to make your event last and a highly cost-effective way to spread brand awareness or happiness atmosphere.

Video helps share your event with tons of people across the country and the world. With an event video, people can see you held an event and even see what happened, for years and years to come without having been there.

Here in this blog, we'll tell you how to capture the best moments for your event and turn them into an amazing event video.

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Part 1: 5 Shots You Need to Capture for Your Event Video

A shot list helps you save time and make a stunning video that attracts viewers. Here are five ideas for shots to capture for your event videography.

1. Capturing People's Emotion with Close-up Shots

Depict video: People's Emotion

No denying that events are always about emotional experiences, and whatever emotional experience your event promises is a big draw for viewers. So you need to take some close-up shots to shot capture attendees’ faces expressing their emotions.

2. Showing the Venue/Environment of the Event

Depict video: Venue/Environment of the Event

You also need to take some shots on the venue or environment of your event. In this way can help your viewers watching your event video are immersive feeling, to experience the event entirely.

3. Showing the Performers, Speakers, and Presenters on Stage

Depict video: Speakers on Stage

Of course, viewers also want to know what kinds of things they'll experience at your event, which is why it's essential to capture performers, speakers, and presenters on stage.

4. Aerial Shots Using Drones

Depict video: Aerial Shots

Aerial shots are a powerful storytelling technique that gives viewers a deeper understanding of what is happening below, both literally and metaphorically. Take some aerial shots using drones to reinforce the scale of your event.

5. Short Clips and Soundbites from Attendees

Do you know why testimonials are so powerful? One of the main reasons is that people are usually more than happy to listen to the peer and trust their recommendations. So take some short clips and soundbites from attendees can definitely make your event video to the next level.

Part 2: How to Turn a Shot List into a Great Event Video

Have your event shot list in hand? Let's go to FlexClip video maker and discover how to take your shot list and turn it into an amazing event video.

✓ Upload Your Event Shot List

Upload the local media to FlexClip video maker to start turning your shot list to a stunning event video. If you need more asserts for your event video, you can find many relative footages from FlexClip stock media to perfect your event video.

Upload Your Event Shot List

Image Board: Upload Your Event hot List

✓ Add Text to Your Event Video

Texts can help your viewers understand you well. Here are various text effects for you to achieve a far more appealing event video. Choose one text effect you like and enter your message.

Depict video: Add Text to Your Event Video

✓ Add Music to Your Event Video

Music always emphasizes the atmosphere for your event video and makes it easier to strike a chord with your viewers. FlexClip offers you thousands of royal-free music and sound effects. It also allows you to upload your own music by browsing your file.

Depict video: Add Music Your Event Video

✓ Add Intro/Outro to Your Event Video

Add an intro/outro to your event video to introduce or show the basic information of the event; personalize the event video with your logo.

Depict video: Add Intro/Outro to Your Event Video

✓ Add Transition Effects to Your Event Video

Add transition effects to your event video to break up monotonous edits and make smoother transitions between clips.

Depict video: Add Transition to Your Event Video

✓ Preview and Save Your Event Video

Once you finish your event video, just make a preview for it. If you're satisfied, click the Export Video button to save your event video; if not, you can also continue editing.

Preview and Save Your Event Video

Image Board: Preview and Save Your Event Video

Getting Started with Event Videos

Ready to dive in and get started on your event video? Just head over to FlexClip video maker to create your stunning event video now! Happy video making!

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