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10 Aerial Videography Tips for Awesome Drone Shooting You Must Know

Last Updated: May. 18, 2021

Summary: This blog will share ten aerial videography tips and tricks for taking awesome drone shooting. Follow us and start to make excellent drone videos.

Have you ever found your aerial footage dull and wondered about giving it a boost? Or are you interested in drone videography? Killer drone shots are not that hard to achieve. Here in this blog, we have listed ten aerial videography tips and tricks to help you make your aerial footage stand out!

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Aerial Videography Tip 1: Fly at Low Altitude

Most of you guys may think that aerial videography is all about gaining height. Such though is right in sometimes, nut not always. Shooting at high altitude can accommodate an ampler space, but if we want to show the objects in more detail or create an immersive experience, high altitude shooting can not up to our expectations.

Then we need to try to make our drone fly at low altitude and shoot with more details.

Depict video: Aerial Videography Tip 1: Fly at Low Altitude

Aerial Videography Tip 2: Fly Close to Natural Objects

When gliding through the sky, let your drone (safely) close to bigger landscape elements like rocks and trees. Flying past those natural objects will add depth and motion to your drone shooting.

Depict video: Aerial Videography Tip 2: Fly Close to Natural Objects

Aerial Videography Tip 3: Sideways/ Strafing Movements

How to reveal the surrounding landscape from a different perspective when shooting with a drone? Just take sideways movements while shooting! Pick a subject to start, then move to the side and make the subject slide across so that you can show the landscape behind it.

Depict video: Aerial Videography Tip 3: Sideways Movements

Aerial Videograhy Tip 4: Go Backward

Flying out away from your target can change your shot from an establishing shot to a reveal. Shooting with your drone go background can reveal more details in your space like trees, hills, buildings, people, and more, not just focusing on just one specific aspect.

Depict video: Aerial Videography Tip 4: Go Backward

Aerial Videography Tip 5: Circling around the Subject

Filming your subject by circling around it can add a tremendous cinematic impact to the footage. You can navigate a circle manually by keeping your subject in the middle as you fly sideways while yawing the opposite direction. Remember that you need to take a lot of training to fly a perfect circle manually.

Depict video: Aerial Videography Tip 5: Circling around the Subject

Aerial Videopgraphy Tip 6: Combine Different Axis Movements

If you want your footage to stand out in many aerial videography works, you should never just make your drone only move forwards or backward when you are shooting. You can try out different combinations of axis movements to add more depth to your footage. For example, you can make your drone simultaneously fly up and backward or fly sideways while flying up and forward.

Depict video: Aerial Videography Tip 6: Combine Different Axis Movements

Aerial Videography Tip 7: Find Some Creative Angle

Sometimes drone videography may need more creativity to stand out. If you’re lucky enough, you can capture some unique or meaningful scenes. Then congratulations!

But how can we make our ordinary footage more creative? Just shoot it from a creative angle, just like the one below:

Depict video: Aerial Videography Tip 7: Find Some Creative Angle

Aerial Videography Tip 8: Find Dividing Lines

As we all know, in any photo, sharp lines shape the composition of your shot and direct the viewer's gaze. So does it in aerial videography works. You can do the same in your drone shooting! With some dividing lines, like road, you can frame your shot to make the line extend from left to right, top to bottom, or even corner to corner.

Depict video: Aerial Videography Tip 8: Find Dividing Lines

Aerial Videography Tip 9: Find Contrasting Colors

I believe most of you guys will love the shooting objects rich in color. The higher the contrast, the more dramatic the shot, so make sure you play brights and darks together in your drone shooting, and even play up complementary colors.

Depict video: Aerial Videography Tip 9: Find Contrasting Colors

Aerial Videography Tip 10: Avoid Sudden or Jerky Movements

Drone shooting should feel natural and organic, instead of like we're looking through the eyes of a robot. Therefore, you need to keep your drone fly smooth and avoid sudden adjustments in your aerial videography. (Never make sudden movements unless it's for safety reasons.)

Bonus: Edit Your Drone Video Like a Post-Production Wizard

Shooting great raw footage with your drone is only half the battle for stunning video work; video editing is where the real magic happens.

But, video editing may be a tough task for most people. Then, you'll need a video-editing software that is easy-to-operate and powerful enough to meet all your editing needs. And we highly recommend that you do it with FlexClip video editor.


    FlexClip Overview

    Image board: FlexClip Overview

  • The super-simple-operate editing allows everyone to make stunning videos quickly and easily. No professional editing skills are required! Even a novice can make cool edits for a video with great ease.
  • Various editing functions can meet your every editing need and always make your video enjoyable. You can easily make edits to your drone video, like split, trim, add text or logo, set background music, add transitions, etc.
  • Abundant elements help you to achieve a far more attractive drone video. There are various resources built-in FlexClip, and you can apply in your drone video for free: dynamic text animations, video clips, images, music, and transition effects, etc.

Final Words

Do you find these drone shooting tips and tricks helpful? Try out some new techniques to take stunning footage for your drone video! Don't forget to use FlexClip to edit your drone video footage like a post-production wizard.

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